About SMPTE®

SMPTE is the global society of media professionals, technologists and engineers working together to drive the industry forward.  Our mission is to enable the technical framework that allows the global professional community to make media for artistic, educational, and entertainment purposes and to distribute that content for the benefit and enjoyment of people worldwide. The Society sets industry standards that help businesses maximize their markets more cost-effectively, provides relevant education that supports members' career growth, and fosters an engaged and diverse membership community.

what are tc meetings?

Standards development professionals work in a project-based fashion. These projects get assigned to a SMPTE Technology Committee (TC). Each TC addresses a specific technology area.

This series of virtual meetings over a short period of time help progress the work on projects within our seven TCs.

Virtually Hosted By

There is  no in person component to the December 2022 Technology Committee Meetings. While registration is still required, this is a completely virtual, online only event.

These meetings will be held from 12 December through 15 December 2022.