About SMPTE®

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers®, or SMPTE, is defining the future of storytelling. The Society's mission is to enable the technical framework that allows the global professional community to make media for artistic, educational, and entertainment purposes and to distribute that content for the benefit and enjoyment of people worldwide. As a global volunteer-driven society of technologists, developers, and creatives, SMPTE is engaged in driving the quality and evolution of motion pictures, television, and professional media. The Society sets industry standards that help businesses maximize their markets more cost-effectively, provides relevant education that supports members' career growth, and fosters an engaged and diverse membership community.

Why Should I Attend?

There is a clear gap between the promise and reality of microservices in the media business. The promise for many is that microservices provide the ability to combine best-of-breed off the shelf solutions together to form customized, tailor-made solutions the perfectly address the needs of a variety of users.

The old “one size fits all” approach of media applications meant that solutions either didn’t fit anyone perfectly or required a great deal of customization to do so.

A truly interoperable ecosystem of microservices should be able to solve this. However, the reality is that we aren’t there yet.

SMPTE has had a group working to address the underlying obstacles to interoperability for about a year now.

This drafting group, led by MediAnswers’ Chris Lennon, quickly gained significant traction in 2018, and currently stands at a membership level approaching 50 participants, representing a broad cross-section of the industry.

After several months of excellent work from a dedicated group of volunteers, its members determined its best course of action was to pause, recruit additional experts with specific expertise in development of microservices applications for media, allowing it to re-evaluate and re-focus its efforts.

This summit will bring together the best and brightest from the media and entertainment industry to evaluate the work done to date, determine what specific issues affecting interoperability of systems utilizing microservices are appropriate for SMPTE to focus on, and help to set a roadmap for the next year.

How Do I Participate?

There is no charge, but prior registration is required.
Join us at our New York Summit on May 28th, 9am-4:30pm at the 4As in midtown Manhattan.The address is 1065 6th Avenue, 16 floor but the physical building address is:
5 Bryant Park entrance on 40th Street between 6 Avenue and Broadway.


While we’d prefer you join us in person, remote attendance will be possible.

Space is limited, so reserve your seat at the table and have a voice in SMPTE’s activities in this crucially important topic.


Welcome and Introductions (Review of Background and Goals)
Overview of current state of the SMPTE microservices initiative
Quick overview of current SMPTE documents
Open discussion: What problems are we trying to solve?
Lunch Break
Prioritizing the problems we are trying to solve
What do we keep and lose from current documents?
Roadmap for future work (tasks, volunteers, timeline)