Airspeeder - A totally New, Next Generation Motorsport, that Makes Electric Flying Car Racing a Reality
10:05 AM - 10:45 AM

A totally new form of transport, a totally new sport, that requires totally new technology for filming and broadcasting. Airspeeder brings elite pilots from the worlds of aviation, motorsport and gaming will navigate next-generation craft above the most epic scenery in the world.

Promising cross platform enjoyment of this exciting new series, their global fan-base will be brought close to the action through interactive live streams that project the augmented reality enhanced view of the pilots themselves.Watch full-scale flying cars navigate digitally-governed tracks in the sky using a blend of Unreal Engine, drone tracking and 5G. EXA is extreme, close proximity racing that drives us towards piloted flying car GPs. This is sport for the digital era. It needs no physical infrastructure for spectators or tracks. We race and with minimal ecological impact.

Creative Technology Session
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NFT3: Creative Technology