Open Services Alliance for Media (OSA) and SMPTE to Host Media Microservices Summit

Open Services Alliance for Media (OSA) and SMPTE to Host Media Microservices Summit

Have you been frustrated at the lack of cross-vendor and cross-platform interoperability among microservice-based solutions in the media space? If yes, you’re not alone. Join your colleagues in an event focused on solving these challenges, quickly and effectively.

The OSA and SMPTE are pleased to announce two-day summit, to be conducted May 11-12, in New York City (exact location TBC). Members and non-members alike are invited to join us for a summit, focused on overcoming the challenges of media in the cloud, specifically focusing on microservices.

A comprehensive review of the OSA’s purpose, aims and its accomplishments will lead things off. We will provide overview of the output of its first two initiatives by SMPTE (SMPTE 2125 – IMF Registration API, and SMPTE 2126 – Microservices Status Reporting & Logging). We will also review the most recent contributions from the OSA to SMPTE, focused on a Vocabulary for Media Microservices, and a Job Processing Architecture, as well as ongoing activities around Privacy and Security.

Potential future initiatives will then take center stage. Attendees will be invited to propose projects meeting the OSA’s guiding principles of solving media microservices challenges which are highly impactful and realistically solvable in a reasonable amount of time. We expect this will set the priorities for the Alliance for the remainder of 2022 and beyond.

While we’d prefer to see you there in person, remote attendance will be possible. There is no cost to attend, and all interested parties are welcome, but advance registration is required.